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Landlord Institute


Date: 2017-04-22 9:00am

Instructor: Multiple Instructors

Length: 4 hours

Address: 1547 Meridian Ave

State: California

City: San Jose

Zip: 95125

Sponsor's Name : Signet Mortgage


$30.00 for Members

$40.00 for Non-members

Rental Housing Network presents Landlord Institute in collaboration with Project Sentinel and CIC to provide education to Landlords of residential rental housing.

Class 1 - Fair Housing
Molly Current, Director Fair Housing Services for Project Sentinel, will discuss how to comply with Federal and California fair housing laws. In addition, she will talk about recent changes to the fair housing laws and criminal background checks.
Class 2 - Understanding the Credit Report
Dan Firestone, Vice President and Director of CIC, will take you through each section of the credit report and explain the coding and terminology so you can recognize the red flags. He will also give you information on how the changes in the fair housing law will affect the information on the credit report.
Class 3 – Prepare, Market, Qualify, Document
John Adams and Sandy Adams, Co-Founders of Rental Housing Network will share their opinions on Preparing the Property for Rent, Marketing the Property, Qualifying the Applicant and Documenting the Move-In.